"Sangeeta has done an incredible job for me while at LinkedIn. I set the bar very very high on my hires and she's been able to deliver constantly with incredible energy and dedication. If I get to start another company she will be without doubt the recruiter I will want on board day one! Highly recommended."

Jean-Luc Vaillant, Co-Founder & CTO, LinkedIn

"“Sangeeta took time to understand our hiring needs and delivered results with highly qualified candidate pipelines. She is pleasure to work on a personal level. She is aggressive when necessary to seek out qualified candidates and get them excited about our positions. We will most likely work with her again for our next executive hire. I just hope she'll be available to help us again. ;)”"

Song Kim, Co-Founder & CEO, DotBlu/TownHog.com


Executive Searches

  • Twitter, Head of Search/Engineering
  • TownHog.com, VP/Director Product Management
  • Ooyala, VP of Business Development & Channel Strategy
  • Ooyala, Sr. Director of Sales, east Coast, UK
  • LinkedIn, VP Operations
  • LinkedIn, VP Platform Engineering
  • LinkedIn, Director of User Experience & Design
  • Google, VP of Global Research
  • Google, Head of Engineering for Bangalore, India

Building Companies

  • Twitter - Made ~60 offers made (~13 contractor offers) in a 6 month period as the sole recruiter. Doubled engineering, tripled operations, doubled product management
  • Ooyala, doubled Engineering, Built Sales/BD teams
  • LinkedIn - Made 26 offers in a 8 “week” period at all levels in CTO's Office, Products and Operations.
  • Kosmix, Increased company by 40% in engineering and products
  • Google - Made 18 offers in a 9 month period at Google including VP, Directors (engineering and product management), Managers, Engineers